Hummingbird - Strawberry Cre'me

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Hummingbird(Strawberry CRE'ME) was inspired by my daughter who’s Native name is Tucill Hewitt which means beautiful humming bird in the Cahuilla language. I gave her this name because in the Native culture the Hummingbird symbolizes timeless joy and the sweet nectar of life. I was inspired to call strawberry Cre'me after my daughter because my daughter loves strawberries and she is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!


Imagine sitting in a 50’s dinner with your tall glass of cool smooth pink strawberry milk enjoying every slurp through your straw bubbles and all! As you take in this cloud of Hummingbird perfectly blended with a rich creamy milk undertone with an overflowing cloud of freshly picked strawberries. Vape our sweetest blend of strawberry Cre'me. Enjoy the sweet nectar of life!

Hummingbird is Max VG

30 ML Glass Bottle

In 3 Strengths 0,3,6



Bottle Size
Nicotine Strength
$ 8.00

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Chemical Testing for - Off the Rez and Rez


Diacetyl - BQL  
Acetylpropionyl - BQL  
Acetoin - BQL  
Formadehyde - BQL  
Acetaldehyde - BQL  
Crotonaldehyde - BQL


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