Story telling the inspiration of the Serrano Vape,Inc brand:

In the Native American culture story telling is an important part of Native American history. This is how the stories of the past have been able to withstand the test of time and still ring sound of truth courage honor and strength that has been passed down to the elders who then retell the stories. This has kept Native American culture and traditions alive through hundreds of generations.


I am going to tell you the story behind the Serrano Vape Inc. brand. I invite you to continue to read on and have a deeper understanding of what inspired Serrano Vape Inc. in this new generational movement.

I became interested in the vape industry after seeing the impact it was having on the smoking community. Hearing and witnessing the numerous success stories of people once traditional smokers who switched over to vaping and hearing their testimonies and how it has changed their quality of life in all aspects. Living a happier healthier life style and also being able to partake in the brotherhood and sisterhood of the vape industry. I wanted to be a part of that positivity and be able to give back to the people. That is what inspired my saying for Serrano Vape,Inc brand “Passion for the People”.

Being a Serrano/Cahuilla Indian I hold fast to the integrity and quality of my company and my business. Who we associate ourselves with and the relationship is equally important as the product, pricing and quality.  That is why we provide our Vapors with High quality hand crafted E-liquid that is crafted in a high standard ISO7 clean room.


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