$ 9.95

Compatible with the following devices: eGo, eGo-T, eGo-C, eGo-C Twist) and Vision Spinner batteries.

This USB cable charger will work with USB port sockets, USB car port, and USB wall chargers.

While charging the LED light on the charger will be red. When fully charged the LED light will turn green.

Input: 5V
Output: 4.2V - 420mA

Note: Only use this charger with appropriate devices.

It is not intended to be used with batteries other than eGo series models.

Doing so may result in damaging your battery.

Please also read the tips tab for more general information.


Safe Charging guidelines:

  1. Do not attach your cable charger to a port or wall adapter if it is not rated at 5V
  2. Do not leave your batteries chargiing unattended. (Don't leave your house, room, or charge while sleeping) This is common practice for charging batteries. 
  3. Do not charge your battery longer than it is intended for. After the battery is fully charged, remove it from the charger and any parent charging location.
  4. Charge batteries specific for the application only.
  5. Inspect new charging cables or charger within the first few minutes
  6. Always attach your device after you have connected the cable to a power source.
$ 9.95


Chemical Testing for - Off the Rez and Rez


Diacetyl - BQL  
Acetylpropionyl - BQL  
Acetoin - BQL  
Formadehyde - BQL  
Acetaldehyde - BQL  
Crotonaldehyde - BQL


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