510 Nail Pro Wax Atomizer

$ 42.95

1. Serrano Vape 510nail Pro is an atomizer kit, designed for wax dabbing. it is with water filtering system by a glass pipe that can be disassembled.

2. 510 thread makes it easy to match the hot TC 50-200W box mods and other batteries in the market. 

3. Ceramic nails instead of Titanium one, better taste and safer vaping. And the nails come with thread, you could screw it off and up. 
4. Application of updated two-stage water filter system.  Makes glass pipe easy to clean. 
5. Carb cap connect with dabber with magnetism, you can dab anytime and anywhere, convenience.
$ 42.95


Chemical Testing for - Off the Rez and Rez


Diacetyl - BQL  
Acetylpropionyl - BQL  
Acetoin - BQL  
Formadehyde - BQL  
Acetaldehyde - BQL  
Crotonaldehyde - BQL


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